Storm Farms

3010 South Bowen Rd. Arlington, TX 76016

​"We bring the farm to you"

​​​Your Experience and pricing

​Your day at Storm Farms will consist of walking through a field of strawberries where you choose your own produce. We will provide you with a container for you to take home. The strawberries will be waiting fresh on the vine, ready to be picked. Our berries are not sprayed with pesticides as we believe in having the healthiest products.

WE PROVIDE THE BASKETS; YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU PICK. We sell the strawberries by the pound. the price per pound is 8 dollars. We do have a certified USDA scale which determines pricing.  

STorm Farms is a family owned small business. You may have the opportunity to meet the Owner and farmer, Johanna storm. feel free to take the time to ask her anything. Johanna has a passion for educating children and adults about farming. so while you pick your own food, you will also have a fun, educational experience.